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Dan and Jessica met in 2020 and quickly bonded over their frustrations with how content platforms treated their creators. Driven by a shared passion of bringing innovative solutions to a traditionally underserved sector, MintStars is built on the principles of inclusivity and care for creators.

Through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), they discovered a technology that enables creators to create and track a limited number of copies of each piece of content. This has a powerful effect on content, extending its lifecycle indefinitely. When fans sell content they no longer want, both the sellers and the original creators earn money through royalties on every resale.

Our model encourages fans to actively promote the work of creators. This shifts the responsibility from creators alone and creates a dynamic where fans have a vested interest in supporting and amplifying creators’ content. Additionally, this model provides a strong financial incentive against piracy. Since fans become part owners of the content, pirating it would diminish the value of an asset they own, thus discouraging piracy.
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Jessica Van Meir
Co-founder & COO
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Jessica has advocated for marginalized groups her entire life. Currently a PhD student at Harvard and a former Gates Cambridge Scholar, she's spent 7 years researching sex workers' rights. She's also worked for multiple women's rights and trans rights organizations, including a feminist law firm where she worked with survivors of image-based sexual abuse, workplace discrimination, and sex trafficking.
Daniel Sargent
Co-founder & CEO
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Dan has 10+ years of experience in technology, building go-to-market strategies for early stage start-ups through to tech unicorns. Dan witnessed the threat content creators face every day on existing platforms through a few close friends in the industry who were the victims of image piracy, targeted account suspensions and chargebacks.


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