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The answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Who can use MintStars?

MintStars is for content creators of all kinds: models, performers, influencers, entertainers, artists, and more - anyone who wants to make money independently from content they create. You must be 18+ to use MintStars.

Why are you called MintStars?

Creating an NFT is called “minting.” We want to make NFTs accessible to all creators, so anyone can be a star for their fans.

Why does anyone care about owning a digital image (NFT)?

The huge popularity of NFT platforms like NBA Top Shot show many fans like collecting content from their favorite creators and performers. Some like owning something few other people own, others like knowing they’re supporting their favorite creator, and others see it as an investment to resell to other fans in the future.

What are your fees?

We charge no fees to creators. We charge a 5% platform fee plus payment processing to fans. This enables us to pay our team and continue growing and improving the platform. Creators may have a small payment processing fee upon cashing out their funds.

Why should I let someone resell my work?

Right now, if your followers want to profit off your work, they can steal and share it wherever they like. On MintStars, you can track every sale and set a royalty fee percentage as high as you like.  

This ensures you can keep profiting from your content long after you first post it. Resales also enable new customers to discover you on the Marketplace, and your subscribers are rewarded for promoting you.

I don't know anything about crypto. How will I use MintStars?

You don’t need any crypto knowledge to use MintStars. Our goal is to help everyone take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology, without needing to know any technical details. We keep the tech behind the scenes so you can focus on your content.

Will customers already need to own cryptocurrency to use the platform?

No. When customers make a purchase, they will be directed to our payment processor which allows them to easily buy USDC (a US dollar coin) with their credit or bank card, which will then be used to make their payment. You can think of this as similar to buying a gift card, which can then be used to buy anything on the platform.

Do you allow sexually explicit content?

Yes. We are a sex-positive company and believe strongly in sex workers’ rights. Consent is one of our core values, and we will ask all users to indicate whether they wish to see sexually explicit content or not, only showing it to those who want to see it.

What are your content guidelines?

You can find our full content guidelines here.

Why do you use a crypto payment processor instead of a regular credit card processor?

Using a crypto processor protects creators by eliminating the possibility of chargebacks, a problem faced on many other subscription platforms.

It also avoids the high fees that traditional payment processors charge sex-positive companies, allowing us to keep our fees low so more money goes to creators’ pockets.

Will creators be able to cash out their money to their banks?

Yes. Our payment processor allows you to easily cash out your money to your designated bank.

How often can creators withdraw their funds?

You can cash out as often as you like! You're in total control of your wallet; we can't touch or freeze your funds.

Isn’t crypto volatile? Will my money be safe?

The default payment method will be US Dollar Coin (USDC), a stablecoin equivalent to one US dollar. This coin has almost no fluctuation in value, so you can receive and hold it in your wallet knowing that your money is safe.

Will creators keep the copyrights to their content?

Yes, creators will still own the copyright to the content they sell.

What blockchain do you use?

MintStars uses the Polygon blockchain which enables fast, secure and affordable transactions.