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MintStars is an NFT subscription platform for creators, models, and their fans.

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Let your content do the work.

MintStars allows each of your subscription posts to be resold on our Marketplace, earning you a percentage of every resale.

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Get discovered by new fans.

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Reduce burnout.

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Reward loyal fans with exclusive content.

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Earn passive income through resales.

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Built for creators, by creators.

We understand because we've been there. Worry less about piracy, chargebacks, unfair censorship, and unpredictable algorithms - so you can focus on creating great content.

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Withdraw your money any time.

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Sex-positive community.

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Keep 100% of your earnings.

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No chargebacks

For Creators

Share posts with your subscribers & upload more exclusive content directly to the marketplace✨

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Share content with your subscribers - as simple as posting your image/video to your page…

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MintStars mints all the content as NFTs, and each of your subscribers receives one NFT per post. You keep the original, just in case it's worth thousands in the future

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Release premium content on the Marketplace and watch the bidding war unfold!

Creator dashboard showing revenue made from subscriptions and resales

Every piece of content has the potential to be resold again and again, earning you money through royalties every time!

For Fans

Subscribe to the creators you love to access their content and sell it on to other community members ❤️

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Discover creators to subscribe to or buy individual pieces of content on the Marketplace - try before you subscribe!

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Receive content as NFTs directly to your wallet. The earlier you subscribe to a creator, the rarer the content you own - and the more valuable!

Screenshot showing content on MintStars platform with option to resell

Keep and view your content as long as you want. Once you're done with it, list it on the Marketplace at the click of a button.

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Earn yourself and the creator money in the process and pass it on to other members of the community.

NFTs - just not as you know them...

It is as simple as click and post. The clever stuff happens behind the scenes. NFT technology allows you to track who has your content at any time and earns you passive income every time your content is resold.

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Financial incentives against piracy.

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Increase your earning potential.

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Incentivize your fans to promote you.

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You're in total control of your wallet.

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What Our Creators Say.

"I've felt so defeated by unpredictable algorithms and having to give up large chunks of my earnings to platforms that don’t support me. That’s why I’m excited about MintStars - a platform which advocates for creators, where my money is safe, and my fans are my marketing team so I can focus on creating amazing content!"

"It's so exciting to be part of what MintStars are doing in prioritizing artists and creatives. Social media can seem devilishly hard to monetize but MintStars makes it wonderfully simple, while safeguarding creators in traditionally vulnerable communities."

Mark Bittlestone profile photo

Mark Bittlestone

"I am so thrilled to see a platform like MintStars bring agency back to models and creators over their content and work! So excited to watch the trajectory revolutionizing the fashion and entertainment industries, especially since models and creators have been heavily exploited in the past."

Olivia Huang model headshot

Olivia Huang