how it works

how it works

how it works

for creators

low fees so you keep more of your earnings.

Worry less, create more with our crypto-based payment processor.

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Withdraw your money any time.

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No unfair censorship.

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Keep 100% of your earnings.

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No chargebacks.

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make more from less content.

Turn your posts into collectibles for increased earnings, when you want to.

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Get discovered by new fans.

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Reduce burnout.

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Reward loyal fans with exclusive content.

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Earn passive income through resales.

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for fans

where fans are rewarded for supporting creators.

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Subscribe to creators to unlock exclusive content, and get drops of limited edition collectible posts.

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Get rewarded for your contributions by reselling your collections, earning you and the creator money.

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you’re not afraid of spending money. spend it better here.

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Protect your privacy with secure & anonymous payments - we can't see your name, and your bank statements won't show ours.

Lower fees than anywhere else, so more of your money goes straight to the creator.

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